Our Mission

Wakanda messenger was established to be Africa's own social network and messenger app. We aim to proffer solutions to the daily realities of Africans. In a bid to do this, we work hand in hand with mobile operators, service providers, banks, and other financial institution in order to be a reliably strong alternative to currently existing messengers.

Why Switzerland?

Yes, it is normal to ask this question? Why Switzerland of all places? Well, the answer isn't farfetched because Switzerland is the world leader when it comes to banking and we always want to ensure that you know your funds are safe. Furthermore, Switzerland is one of the most neutral countries in the world and this aligns with our vision just like Wakanda represents both in reality and on the silver screen.

Wakanda is a sanctuary so it is important that everyone feels safe regardless of what you put up so you can feel free without looking over your shoulder. Wakanda is your home so you can let your hair down and be expressive and there is no better country to push this narrative than Switzerland.

How We Are Special

We understand that there are currently 1.3 billion individuals in Africa and yet before us, there has not existed a social network or messenger that aims to fully meet the needs of Africans and provide answers to their realities. Our decision to be the first social network to meet these needs makes us a social network to be trusted and engaged.

Going on, our founding company, Kemit kingdom aims to take advantage of the omnipresence of the Internet and mobile phones in Africa in order to establish Wakanda messenger as a social network that boosts social development, transforms businesses, empowers individuals in their daily lives, and enhances local economies.

Due to the fact that we are consistently devising ways to meet your needs, we hope that you will find our services to be satisfactory. In the incident of any inquiries or complaints you can contact us, and we will be sure to get back to you.

Some Of The Things we aim to do

Africa is the world's second-largest and most-populous continent. Several challenges undermine Africa's economic growth, and technology could play a transformative impact on peoples lives. We are reinventing technology in Africa, developed by Africans, for Africans. No one knows and understands better than us our cultures, the domestic challenges, and the needs of our people as well as the expectations of those in the Diaspora.

Enhance the quality of communication

Facilitate the speedy transfer of funds.

Revolutionize the E-commerce sector in Africa.

Get rid of financial exclusion.

Enable individuals to socialize effortlessly with other members of our community.

Empower Africa with its personal messenger application.

Create job opportunities thereby improving the lives of millions of people.

How We Came To Be


Established in 2019, our founding company Kemit kingdom SA which is a Swiss company couldn't help but notice that Africans are such unique individuals whose needs are vastly different from the needs of Westerners. They noticed that needs such as quality communication, socialization, speedy transfer of funds, and the creation of numerous job opportunities among several others, has to be met. Hence, Kemit kingdom went on to create Wakanda Messenger to provide solutions to these needs.

Kemit Kingdom SA is a Swiss startup company that was registered in Neuchatel and which has its offices in Geneva. Wakanda messenger is developed and financed by Swiss Africans.


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